Love is so strong an emotion. It can be simultaneously euphoric and intolerably painful. It always gets confusing and curious.

This can get very confusing. Maybe you don't feel it when you must. But when we feel it, when the circumstances are right, it is simultaneously enabling and stimulating. It has the capacity to make us feel like sun and sunflowers. And at the same time, it can cause us to sink into the darkest and darkest emotions possible.

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The problem arises where love encounters reality. People fall in love too readily and too often. We find ourselves in situations where we don't want anything more than to be with someone. The horrible part of these situations is that we can't be with them, no matter how much we want to be with them, no matter how hard we try.

There can be many reasons why you can't be with someone you love for the rest of your life. Whatever the reason, it is, without question, so painful.

Despair visits those who love a person they cannot have more frequently than happiness. For some, love includes never knowing how it feels to be with someone they love. They sit down to watch the person they love. without being able to tell them how they feel, without being able to look straight into their eyes, without being able to feel how their warmth feels.

They rest and dream of the future which seems too far away. Separated from reality, they aspire forever to a person with whom they have never experienced a concrete project.

For others, what they experience when they think of who they love is regret. They have experienced what it means to love and be loved in return, but for some reason, it's over now. They would love to see things differently. A relationship between two lovers is intense and passionate, the kind of relationship in which two souls are one. You know their soul upside down, you know what they think of the instance that you see them.

Some say that having loved and lost is better than having never loved a person. It is preferable to have lived something than to be left to wonder what it looks like. But losing your loved one is heartbreaking. We have something unfinished, something empty. The feeling that something is broken beyond the repair within you may fade in time, but they never really disappear completely.

Anyway, love is an amazing feeling. You may find peace in knowing you must have experienced something good to feel the pain of being without it. Loving somebody you can't have is difficult; all you can do is live with the knowledge you're never going to be with them. It doesn't matter, though. You loved once and you're going to love again. There is still hope.  Long-term love with the right person deserves expectation.

Loving someone you can't have is one of your worst feelings in life. But when you think about it, it's better to have had this sensation. At the end of the day, you will get what you truly deserve and you will be glad that you took care of your heart and sanity at the tightest moments in life.

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