Who can't wait until autumn comes? The fresh and fresh air, the feeling of a new start. This is a magical season in our opinion. There's something special about having fun with a good book on a rainy day with a lit candle by your side. Well, if you're someone who likes to update your home decor to suit the seasons and holidays, we have some tips for you. To make your home an ultimate autumn oasis, we've put together some design tips to make it as easy as possible!

Switch to Natural Colors.

To create a cozy and inviting space when the weather becomes colder, opt for rooms that are colors found in nature. Think of dark, green, orange, and other earthy shades. Getting decor in those colors will make your space feel warmer all around.

Photo by Daisy Anderson from Pexels

Get more blankets.

Of course, it takes fuzzy blankets in the living room when it's colder out. Who won't snuggle up on the couch and wrap themselves in a soft blanket? Once again, when you choose the ones you want, keep the color palette you decided on so that everything will seem consistent.

Add Pillows.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your living room, guest room, or own room, it's always fun to add some jet cushions into the mix. If you already have decorative cushions, you can get new covers. Actually, it's a great idea to get new covers instead of new pillows and just swap them with each season.

Candles – Everywhere.

All right, maybe not everywhere, but fragrant or unscented candles are a must-have in autumn. You can make any part of the home warmer and more welcoming by putting on candles. Think about it – taking a warm bath with a few candles close by is a completely different experience. Reading in the living room? Light some scented candles! It will change the entire piece, believe us.

Bring nature into your home.

You don't have to bring real branches or leaves inside for the piece to feel more fall. You may get fake from the store and get the same effect without the mess. Adding a few natural touches will make your room more comfortable and seasonal. Of course, the best options are the branches and autumn leaves to really put yourself in this autumn spirit! Consider putting branches into vases as you would for flowers.

Play With Texture.

To warm a piece, use fabrics such as wool and knit over pillows and blankets. You can get a thick knit blanket, wool pillow covers, velvet sofa covers, etc. As well as being warmer, the fabrics themselves will make the area more welcoming and comfortable.

Settle down comfortably in your yard.

Just because the outside temperature becomes colder doesn't mean you can't enjoy the cool weather in the fall! To make your outdoor space as attractive as the interior, get light strings, blurry blankets, and lanterns. If you want to add that extra special touch, you can put little pumpkins around as well.


Of course, plaid is practically a basic autumn motive. If you want a more rustic feel to the room you decorate, choose checkered pillowcases or blankets. Just be careful not to overdo it as it can overpower other decor pieces.

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