Sophos Home Premium Antivirus is the high-end program of the Sophos Consumer Protection Series. 

When you configure the local scan parameters, Sophos Home Premium is definitely not full of options. There is a “Clean My Computer” button on the start screen that runs a default scan of your files and folders. You can configure exceptions such as file types and web sites and exclude folders from the scanning process, but that's it.

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Although the options may seem simple (and in some respects they are), there is much more to it than can be seen. Sophos has put much of the deeper configuration parameters onto the cloud administration panel that the local program uses while it's running.

On this dashboard, users can turn on and off real-time protection that uses behavioral-based analytics to detect zero-day threats, detecting malicious traffic. which detects and blocks programs trying to connect to malicious servers, and protects from potentially undesirable applications (PUA) such as junkware.

There is also the ability to configure master boot registration (MBR) protection which prevents ransomware from interfering with it and ransomware protection which runs remotely.

Protect children from online threats.

Parents have one difficult task: to enable their children to access the Internet and all its benefits while making sure that they do not accidentally fall on harmful content. So how do you protect your kids against online dangers such as phishing, online predators, accidentally downloading malware, and more? One way is to educate them on those dangers. But you can't always count on your child to make the right choices on-line.

Access Sophos Home with a powerful parental web filtering function. You control which Web sites your kids may or may not access. You may block sites that host harmful content, social networking sites, and sites that are created in the context of phishing attacks.

Children are more vulnerable to phishing than most others and Sophos Home's advanced web protection blocks access to phishing websites to protect your children from online scams and frauds.

There is also a secure online banking menu with keylogger protection and a secure browsing environment whenever the user logs in to an online banking web site.

Webcam protection automatically warns you about programs or websites that try to access your webcam.

Users can access an alert log from the web interface to see all of the threats the system protects against. To centrally manage a network of computers running the software, adding or removing additional devices from the management zone is as easy as clicking a button.

Downloading and installing Sophos was very simple and took me under five minutes from beginning to end. 

Sophos Home Premium is a software-based on the cloud. therefore, moving on to the local management platform is extremely simple (there are four buttons and a single page!). Fortunately, configuring parameter changes on the Sophos website is also fast and easy. The settings are broken down by function so that everything regarding virus protection, website protection, and privacy protection is managed on a separate page.

Sophos has provided a comprehensive knowledge base of helpful information about the most common problems. Click the “Apply” button on the Support Dashboard to access the ticketing system. It includes a button to add attachments, making it easy to share things such as screenshots and logs with the team. Although live chat is provided.

Sophos Home Premium is available for an annual subscription and it's a good deal when multiple devices are covered.

The improvement in protection between the free and premium versions is also noticeable. Premium users have access to advanced ransomware protection, real-time zero-day protection, privacy protection, and customer support.

Best of all, however, is that each Home Premium license covers 10 devices. 

Sophos specializes in securing large, centrally managed company deployments. Protecting a large family network with several computers while managing all parameters and devices in a convenient location should consider Premium.

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